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App- & Game Design


Feb 2016
Interaction- & UI Design

The first of its kind

Apppic, the first selfie game worldwide was born from Dutch movie Homies in which the main character builds a selfie game for smartphones. The writers behind the movie got really eager to play this fictional game, so they got the crazy idea to bring it to our physical, real world. mediaBunker was asked to crystalise this draft of a concept to an actual game. Being a champion in game design, I got lead for interaction- and interface design, with the help of pixel ninja Bogdan Siregar.

Keeping it fun

Inspired by the popular "draw something", we created a timeline based one-on-one challange where you can engage your friends or complete strangers to take a selfie with "a cow". As an insentive to keep playing, your highest rated selfies get exposure to stimulate a battle for fame in creative selfie taking. After the initial launch we introduced a weekly public selfie challenge where users could win prices.

125.000+ selfies send