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Hi there! You've landed on a website that might look somewhat like the moon... But it's not! Your shoes are printed deep within the creative dirt of planet Sanne.
A designer and developer's portfolio drifting around the web. Go ahead, float around!

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Short and sweet

I'm a low-cost designer and developer settled in Holland, who aids those in need of interactive media such as:

Web- & Mobile
  • Static or content-manageable websites
  • Mobile optimised websites (iOS/Android)
Brand design & Print items
  • Company logos and business cards
  • Flyers and posters
Everything else
  • App icons
  • Illustrations
  • Animated GIF and Flash banners
  • Flash/Corona SDK development
  • T-Shirt designs
  • Co-piloting spaceshuttles

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Nice to meet you

I'm Sanne Meijer, I enjoy designing websites, print items and exploring the many worlds of programming languages.

When I'm not behind my MacBook, you'll find me in the cinema watching a movie, behind a console, swimming lanes or looking stupid trying to learn the art of Kung-Fu.

Reporting for duty

Do you need someone to build you a blasting website, design you a rocking flyer, a fancy business card, an awesome t-shirt, advertisements or maybe build you a spaceship? Here's a cool slider that shows what I do best!


Web design & development

Need a website? You're at the right guy. I design and build sites, creative and accessible. To bring your website to life I can even add a content management system!

Mobile website

Mobiles are hot property right now, and (hopefully) so is your company! I design and build visually appealing, easy to use websites for Mobile phones (iOS/Android).

Brand Design

Give your business a unique identity with a complete brand design. I'll design your logo, business card and website in a way that will make you stand out of the crowd!

Flash development

Are you looking for some movement on your website? Why not add some flash to spice things up a bit! Flash is the perfect tool to make your projects creative and interactive.

Web advertisement

You got yourself a fancy business. Such an accomplishment deserves attention. So why not advertise on the web? I can supply you with animated banners, or even a FaceBook website!

Everything else

T-shirts, flyers, posters, celebration cards, games, stickers, illustrations and microwave dinners.

I want it, now!

Getting your hands on a fancy website or starting up any other project can be quite a confusing process, but it's not rocket-science! ...I've created this crystal-clear information graphic to show you how the job is done.


Here's an awesome skill-chart to give you a little idea of my expertise.

Design skills

  • Interface design
  • Brand design
  • Graphic design
  • Concepting
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Photography

Development skills

  • xHTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • (Flash) AS3
  • (Corona SDK) LUA
Media College

"Interactive Designer"

Interactive Media

"Technology, Design and Interaction"


Web Design

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Brand Design & Illustration

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Print Items

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Various Projects

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I'm interested to hear from you, Let it be fanmail, a job request, a complaint, a hello or a coupon for a free pizza. All messages are honored.

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